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Dozens of workers out of job after going on strike

BURGETTSTOWN, Pa. — Eighty-three workers from the Langeloth Metallurgical Company in Burgettstown found out they were out of a job today -- from the picket line.

All members of the United Auto Workers Union have been on strike since early September. On Monday, management brought in replacement workers.

Workers said the company has offered an increase in pay and benefits, but they aren’t budging over seniority, which they say is crucial when bidding jobs in this industry, where some of the jobs can be extremely grueling in 160 degree heat.

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Guards at Langeloth did open the gates for us, but after identifying ourselves as Channel 11, they asked us to leave. We want to get their side of things, but nobody is answering the phone. They told us not to go past the yellow lines outside and wouldn’t let us in the gates. Channel 11′s Cara Sapida left her cards with one of the security guards. He said they aren’t releasing any statements or speaking to the media.

“The economic generator to that school district is irreplaceable, it would devastate the Burgettstown School District. I encourage him to get back to the table,” said State Rep. Jason Ortitay

Ortitay also came out to the plant and was also denied a face-to-face meeting, but he did speak to their lawyer over the phone.

“I asked him straight up have we reached the point of no return, when you put replacement workers in, it doesn’t look good,” Ortitay said.

He didn’t answer, but like the workers out there, they’re all hoping it’s not the end.