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Drivers say tunnel along busy South Hills road is crumbling and concrete is hitting cars

BALDWIN, Pa. — Sharen Duff was driving along McNeilly Road in Baldwin Township with her son Monday. She said they had just started to enter the tunnel near Library Road when they saw something fall from the top and felt a massive bang.

“It was like BOOM,” Sharen Duff told Channel 11. “It was awful. We didn’t even know what it was and we couldn’t stop because we were in the tunnel.”

Duff and her son were able to pull off into a parking lot. That was when Duff noticed the damage to her car and the crumbling face of the tunnel.

“My hood is dented and it was all scratched up and my windshield,” Duff added.

Duff said the Baldwin Township police chief came out and helped check the railroad above to make sure nobody was throwing rocks. There was no sign that was the case.

In the past several weeks, neighbors have said rocks or concrete have fallen and slammed onto their cars too when they drove through the tunnel. One family said it happened to their car over a year ago, which they reported.

“All the people who have problems with this — their windshields have been cracked and everything,” Duff said. “It was very, very frightening and I think if the windshield would have been shattered, we would’ve been injured — big time.”

Several families told Channel 11 their cars were dented, windshields were cracked and in one case, a side window was even broken from loose concrete. Duff said she would take another route from here on out.

“It’s very dangerous. I’m never going to go through that again. I’m not going through that tunnel,” she said.

Duff said she’d like to see the tunnel owner inspect the structure before someone is hurt or killed.

“I think whoever owns it needs to come out and inspect it — maybe shut it down and fix something because it’s falling,” Duff added.

People whose cars were damaged said they don’t know who owns this tunnel to put in a claim. We’ve reached out to railroad companies and Baldwin Township and we still haven’t been able to find out who the owner is. When we get an answer, we’ll let you know.