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Electric scooters help Pittsburgh commuters

PITTSBURGH — For Pittsburgh commuters without access to a vehicle, the city has announced new options to help get around.

Hubs of electric scooters have popped up across the city, healthy ride bicycles have been available downtown, and mopeds have become an option. The city’s new initiative, Move PGH, is designed to make travel around the city easy and convenient.

Whether you’re visiting, live or work downtown, you should be within walking distance to a means of transportation.

The project is the first in the country to connect low cost, shared transportation into one system. Using the city’s transit app you can find a bus, bike, moped, car or scooter. The electric scooters have GPS and can be unlocked right from your phone.

City leaders saying universal mobility is a basic human right and easy access to affordable and convenient transportation choices can improve a persons life.

A grant will cover the cost of monthly subscriptions to the Move PGH services for 100 low-income families for six months.