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Event planners are anxious for new mask guidance

PITTSBURGH — The City of Pittsburgh is moving one step closer to allowing larger summer events as more people are vaccinated.

The change comes as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced new guidance related to wearing masks outdoors.

The CDC says if you’re walking outside and vaccinated, you don’t need to be wearing one of these anymore. But what does this mean for concerts, festivals, and events in Pittsburgh?

From concerts to Picklesburgh, everyone is anxious for a normal summer in Pittsburgh.

“It certainly changes things. I think it continues to confirm what science has been telling us; if you’re vaccinated and outdoors things are safer,” Dan Gilman, Chief of Staff for Mayor Bill Peduto, said.

According to the new guidance, fully vaccinated people do not have to wear masks outside. However everyone is still advised to wear a mask if they are in a large gathering like a concert or parade.

Gilman said the city is still deciding which events can safely take place this summer, with one particular date in mind.

“Fourth of July is front and center in our conversations. We don’t know what the answer is going to be yet. We’re looking at a number of different options and also talking to other cities to see what they do as well as the federal government and their plans for D.C.,” Gilman said.

Many events like the regatta are organized with the help of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership. When asked how this will impact those plans a spokesman said, “the PDP’s activations this year will focus heavily on outdoor engagements which continue to provide the safest choices for our community…there’s a huge amount of optimism in the air, and we want to maintain that feeling with programming that allows for safe (but really fun) outdoor events.”

The partnership did not comment specifically on the Regatta, but a spokesman referenced events like the farmers market in Market Square next month.

Gilman said the city will rollout its plans for summer events within the next three to four weeks.