Family of 2020 shooting victim still praying someone will come forward with information

WILKINSBURG, Pa. — Not a day goes by that the family of Kevin Hall doesn’t think about him.

“Every single day we are mourning the death of my brother,” Nijah Ligon said.

Ligon is Hall’s sister. She said she’s bringing Hall’s murder to light again in hopes someone will come forward with information.

It’s been more than a year since someone gunned him down in the middle of the day while he walked down the street hand in hand with his 5-year-old nephew in Wilkinsburg. Investigators said Hall was able to pull his nephew out of harm’s way that February afternoon before the bullets hit him along Laketon Road.

Holidays, birthdays and family get-togethers have all come and gone without Hall, something Ligon said has been hard for the family.

“Maybe twice a week he reflects on the incident. When I say reflects, he asks questions about the things he saw,” Ligon said.

Ligon’s son was with Hall that February day. She said it’s been hard to grieve her brother’s murder because she is focused on helping her son.

County police released surveillance video that showed a man with dreadlocks get out of a white sedan and shoot Hall several times. As of Sunday, police said they had not located the suspect or the car.

Police are still asking that if anyone has any information, to please come forward.