Family’s lives changed forever after 1 relative unknowingly spreads COVID-19

PITTSBURGH — Margi McClintock stopped over to visit her father one day, never knowing she was carrying COVID-19 without any symptoms. Within days, she was hospitalized, her father was admitted and their family would be changed forever.

“I always think in my head, ‘If I wore my mask around my immediate family, would my dad still be here?’,” McClintock said.

Her father, Anthony Iezzi, lost his battle with the virus.

“He loved people. He loved talking to people. He loved his two cats and his three girls,” she said.

On a Monday in December, she went to visit her father. By Wednesday that week, she had fever and chills. She was hospitalized on Saturday and eventually admitted to the ICU. Within days, her father was also put in the ICU.

“I was in one ICU room, he was in his room. We couldn’t see each other, but we were both there,” McClintock said. “We were told by the doctors there was nothing they could do. Basically his lungs were filled and there was no hope.”

McClintock, her husband, her father and her father’s friend were all diagnosed with COVID-19. She’s still fighting the lingering effects.

“I am very lucky to survive this,” she said. “I do feel guilty but I’m trying to think of other ways to help other people as well.”

McClintock doesn’t want another family to go through what she’s experienced. She encourages survivors to donate plasma to those still battling the virus.