FBI investigating several people in Western Pa. for involvement in riot at U.S. Capitol

PITTSBURGH — There’s no shortage of disturbing videos showing violence inside the capitol last week.

Now we know some of the people involved in the riot may be from western Pennsylvania.

“We are conducting investigations here. We have a number of leads. That’s been our focus all along with identifying any potential threats,” said FBI Pittsburgh Special Agent In-Charge Michael Christman.

Christman wouldn’t confirm how many people are being investigated, but said his office is working closely with investigators in Washington to find those responsible.

That involves investigating potential threats between now and the inauguration, including one that specifically mentioned Pittsburgh.

The FBI has since confirmed they interviewed the source of that threat.

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“We’ve run those leads down. At this time, we would report there are no threats that we’re aware of in the Western District of Pennsylvania that are related to the inauguration,” Chistman said.

That possibility and some of the anti-Semitic messages seen at the riot last weekend have caught the attention of the Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh.

“The impact that has on the Jewish community is just significant. That puts the Jewish community automatically on heightened alert,” said Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh Security Director Shawn Brokos.

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Brokos is warning the community to be prepared, think about security and report suspicious activity.

“While we’re not aware of any direct threats to the Pittsburgh Jewish community, we should treat the next couple of days and possibly couple of weeks as if it were high holiday season,” Brokos said.

When asked, Christman didn’t give any details on when charges could be filed for those involved in the riot at the US Capitol. However, he said the FBI will be thorough and examine each case closely before making those decisions.