• FBI issuing warning for local credit card skimmers


    HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Another credit card skimmer has been found in our area as the FBI issues a new alert about the devices ahead of the holidays. 

    A Sunoco gas station in Hempfield Township is the latest place to be hit with a credit card skimmer. An employee told Channel 11 it was found last month and said it was only there for a few hours. 

    "Depending on your limits some serious damage could be done. And not everyone has the protection with the purchases," said Shana Bova, a victim of credit card skimming. 


    Her company card was skimmed recently and used out west. 

    "The hassle of having to call and go through all the charges, verify what was accurate and what wasn't," Bova said.

    As millions hit the road during this holiday season, the FBI wants people to be on the lookout. 


    The agency recently arrested eight people for skimming card information from more than 7,000 gas station customers. 

    The FBI also recommends looking for broken or loose security tape on the pumps. 

    It's recommended that you check your credit card statements every day and pay inside or with cash, if possible. 



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