Fight at Fun Fore All, owner responds to cellphone video

Fight at Fun Fore All, owner responds to cell phone video

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Fists were flying, chairs were tossed, and even golf clubs were thrown.

A staff member at Fun Fore All in Cranberry Township was injured, and now police need your help finding all of the people who were involved.

A viewer sent Channel 11 cellphone video showing the pure chaos that erupted over the weekend.

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"It started with two females and then quickly escalated to 20-plus people," said owner Chris Camp, who said the melee started in the front counter area, then quickly moved to the arcade area.

"Whatever they could get their hands on: napkin dispensers, drink cups, chairs," Camp said.

One staff member was punched in the head and knocked into a game machine. Police were called, but the fight was over by the time they got there. Now they need your help finding the people involved.

"We believe that the persons responsible for starting the altercation have not been identified at this point," said Sgt. Chuck Mascellino with the Cranberry Township Police Department.

It's still unclear why the fight started. But Camp said he wants to reassure patrons, he's doing everything he can to ensure something like this doesn't happen again.

"For something like that to happen in a family, fun, friendly, safe environment that we offer, when we had no control over it, that's the most frustrating part," Camp told Channel 11's Marlisa Goldsmith.

Camp also said he will be reevaluating their safety procedures and see if anything needs to be adjusted.

As for charges, the owner hasn't decided if any will be filed.