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Fire chief removed from post after racial slur directed at Tomlin

3:24 p.m. UPDATE: The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors has removed Paul Smith as fire chief of the Muse Volunteer Fire Company.

In a statement, the board said, "Effective immediately, Paul Smith is no longer the volunteer fire chief in Muse."

Firefighters who want to remain anonymous told Channel 11 it's not been an easy day for them -- they have been receiving threats at the other two fire stations in town as well.

Several Washington County fire fighters contacted Channel 11, saying they weren't comfortable with a comment made by the Cecil fire chief on Facebook during Sunday’s Steelers game

On Monday, we reached out to Cecil Township's board of supervisors, who told us they are deeply disturbed by the comment.

"The Cecil Township Board of Supervisors is deeply disturbed by the comments made by volunteer Chief Smith, and in no way, shape or form condone his comments,” said the township manager.


Chief Paul Smith was commenting on a post about the Steelers’ decision not to participate in the national anthem on the field and wrote, "Tomlin just added himself to the list of no good n-words. Yes I said it.”

Smith is captain of Cecil Township Volunteer Fire Department Number 2 in Muse. He is currently out of the country on vacation, but said he regrets the statement.

"I am embarrassed at this," he told Channel 11. "I want to apologize. I was frustrated and angry at the Steelers not standing for the anthem. ... This had nothing to do with my fire department. I regret what I said."

Dylan Parseo, who is the son of the former police chief of Muse Fire Company Number 2, believes Smith crossed the line.

"I'm completely upset. Especially for a town like this, coming from the fire chief. That's disrespectful in my eyes," Parseo said.

Channel 11 will be reaching out to the Muse fire department's president to find out if any action will be taken internally.

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