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Former employee files lawsuit against care facility over work with COVID-19 patients

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Dianne Corrie used to work at Redstone Presbyterian Senior Care Home but said she was fired at the height of the pandemic. She’s now filing a federal lawsuit against the facility.

Her attorney said she’s always wanted to be a nurse and help people.

“Basically, she had concerns about her status as a high risk individual and when she reached out to Redstone managers, they weren’t really communicating with her so she reached out to me,” said attorney Sammy Sugiura.

Corrie said she was hired as a nursing assessment coordinator at the home and was never supposed to be working directly with patients. Sugiura said that changed when the virus emerged and she was forced to work directly with COVID-19 patients despite a history of lymphoma and epilepsy, categorizing her as high risk.

“She knew this was a unique situation. She knew her managers were avoiding speaking with her about it and she wanted some help to see what kind of protection she had,” Sugiura said.

He is arguing the facility violated Corrie’s ADA rights and they’re now seeking damages and lost income.

Channel 11 reached out several times to the facility’s CEO for comment but has not gotten a response.