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Former Plum Borough police officer charged with assault after pulling gun on man for mowing lawn

PLUM BOROUGH — Dennis Daugherty, whom we confirmed is a former Plum Borough police officer — is on the other side of the law after getting into a fight with a man we’ve learned is a tenant in a duplex home that Daugherty’s sister owns and Daugherty also lives in.

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Court documents stated that Daugherty came home to find James Yetka mowing his lawn. At that point, the two got into an argument. Moments later, Daugherty attempted to strike Yetka with his knee but Yetka managed to push him to the ground.

According to the criminal complaint, Daugherty pulled a gun from his waistband at that point and began walking toward Yetka and pointing the gun in his direction. Moments after that, police said Daugherty fired a gun twice into the ground in close proximity to Yetka.

A short while ago, we spoke with Yetka’s girlfriend, who says she’s afraid to go back to the house.

Daugherty is not in jail currently but will have to appear in court. He has been charged with carrying a firearm without a permit, discharging a firearm, simple assault and reckless endangerment of another person.