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Garbage truck backs into school bus full of students in Ross Township

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A school bus and a garbage truck were involved in a collision Tuesday morning in Ross Township.

The garbage truck backed into the bus just before 8:30 a.m. on Roseland Avenue, officials said. It had been picking up a dumpster when it drifted back, hitting the side of the bus as it was passing. A couple bus windows were shattered.

Twenty elementary school students were on the bus at the time and are all OK, officials said. A couple of them had minor injuries but only needed Band-Aids.

A woman named Misty got a call from her first-grader’s school, Highcliff Elementary, after she dropped off her child and a friend’s child at their bus stop.

“I said, ‘Let me go down and check on them because they’re probably so scared,’” Misty told Channel 11. “To see that there’s broken glass and the frame of the windows is bent on the bus, that’s kind of scary.”

Another bus was brought in to take them to school.