Paper or reusable? Giant Eagle starts elimination of plastic bags

Paper or reusable? Giant Eagle starts elimination of plastic bags

PITTSBURGH — Giant Eagle’s pilot program to phase out plastic bags started Wednesday at one of its grocery store locations and a GetGo.

Plastic bags are no longer at the checkout lanes at the Waterworks Market District store, and paper bags will cost you 10 cents -- except for customers who pay for their groceries with government assistance. Customers are encouraged to bring reusable bags or purchase them at Giant Eagle for 99 cents.

So far plastic bags have only been removed from the Waterworks’ Giant Eagle and Get Go. Customers can expect to see them leave some Pittsburgh city stores in the coming months.

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The GetGo gas station near the Waterworks store has also done away with plastic bags. Other stores will join in the pilot program in the coming months.

Giant Eagle’s goal is to have every store plastic-less by 2025.

For the last four weeks and still going, all Giant Eagle locations have been offering a “one perk per reusable bag used” promotion. The initiative has already eliminated close to 2 million plastic bags, a spokesperson said.

Company leaders said Americans use 14 billion plastic bags each year and 99 percent of them end up in the trash.

Giant Eagle to discontinue use of plastic bags