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Gov. Wolf calls on Congress to help bar, restaurant owners fed up with restrictions

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is calling on Congress to help rescue bars and restaurants, owners of which are facing financial hardships because of various COVID-19 restrictions that come and go.

Wolf recently urged Congress to take action on the Real Economic Support That Acknowledges Unique Restaurant Assistance Needed to Survive (RESTAURANTS) Act.

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The bill is a lifeline to bar and restaurant owners, offering $120 billion in help. It is the product of work from a bipartisan coalition of lawmakers, including several from Pennsylvania.

The maximum grant is $10 million that can be used for rent, food, benefits and payroll.

Bar and restaurant owners met Monday in Bethel Park to discuss moving forward, saying Wolf is making it nearly impossible to keep their businesses afloat with constantly changing restrictions. They feel they are being pulled back and forth and are constantly set up for failure, comparing Wolf’s moves to a form of punishment.

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The bar and restaurant owners plan to form a new association to take their immediate concerns to Wolf.