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Grandmother said grandchildren assaulted while walking home from school in McKeesport

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — A grandmother said two of her grandchildren were assaulted as they were walking home from school last week not far from her home in McKeesport.

“My youngest grandson was knocked into the ditch and beat up by multiple people. They were kicking him and hitting him. Calling him racial slurs,” Bobbi Crouch said.

Crouch said her other grandson tried to step in to help and was also assaulted.

“They banged up on him and pushed him in the ditch and started kicking and hitting him,” she said. “He’s trying to defend his brother and when he started to get the upper hand they all jumped on him. The younger one, he had a rash on his head and his neck. His arms were cut open. Mild concussions for both of them.”

She said the school district told her that those involved have been removed from the school and that charges would be pressed if they cooperated with the police.

Crouch said she is speaking out because she says she doesn’t want something like this to happen to someone else’s child, and is hoping her courage to speak out will help stop what she says is an ongoing problem.

“The safety issue in the city needs to be addressed for these children,” she said.

She said she no longer feels comfortable with allowing her grandchildren to walk to school as a result of the incident.

The incident was recorded and posted online.