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Gunman robs Robinson Township pizza shop, forces employees into cooler

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Robinson Township police are searching for a man who robbed a pizza place at gunpoint on Monday night and forced employees into the cooler.

The robbery happened just after 11:30 p.m. on Monday at the Domino’s Pizza in Robinson Court off Route 60.

A man walked in and yelled, “It’s a robbery! Get down, get down,” the pizza shop’s co-owner told Channel 11. The man pulled out a gun, demanded cash and then forced workers into the cooler, according to the pizza shop’s co-owner.

They called 911 using the restaurant’s phone because the robber took their cellphones but they were later found behind Domino’s.

The man ran out the back door with about $400.

The whole terrifying crime was captured on surveillance video.

Channel 11 reached out to Robinson Township police but we’re still waiting for a response back.

Police are investigating this case and anyone with information should call 911.

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