• Health department: Droppings, dead mouse found at North Side restaurant


    PITTSBURGH - The Allegheny County Health Department has ordered the temporary closure of Nicky's Thai Kitchen on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

    Inspectors on Thursday found 16 violations, including seven considered “high risk,” at the restaurant on Western Avenue, according to the health department.

    Fresh and old mouse droppings were found throughout the restaurant’s basement -- inside plates, dishware and large pans, the health department’s food safety assessment report said. Droppings were also found between boxes of food, on shelving and along walls.

    A dead mouse was found inside a “cooking vessel” stored on large bags of rice, the report said.

    A large number of flies were noticed in the basement.


    When it came to employee personal hygiene, the report noted that hand-washing did not occur at any time during the inspection and various orders were prepared and cooked. There was also “bare-hand contact with salad items.”

    The report also noted the dishwasher was broken. Inspectors said the dishwasher did not "adequately sanitize" dishes and silverware. 

    Another violation was the storage of ground chicken directly on top of raw mussels. The report said there was “visible chicken juice on the tray” holding both items.

    The restaurant reopened several days later.



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