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These are the Allegheny County restaurants facing repercussions for defying shutdown orders

PITTSBURGH — The sign above the door at the Crack’d Egg in Brentwood says it all: “We are fighting back.”

The Allegheny County Health Department has pulled the restaurant’s permit and is taking the owners to court over defying Gov. Tom Wolf’s shutdown orders.

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“Until there’s a court order telling us to shut down, we plan on running our business as is our right,” said Sy Lampl, attorney for the restaurant.

Lampl said the ACHD is taking them to court, but it won’t stop the owners from keeping the doors open.

“They’re brave people for doing what they’re doing, putting everything on the line. That’s the consequences of being the person who stands up to the bully,” he said.

Several other businesses are also reportedly in the same boat. If they don’t close, they could also face legal action:

  • Piacquadio’s, Castle Shannon
  • Carbonara’s, Castle Shannon
  • Tailgater’s, Harmar
  • Al’s Cafe, Bethel Park
  • Il Pizzaiolo, Mt. Lebanon
  • Gianna Via’s, Castle Shannon
  • David’s Diner, Springdale
  • Bobby P’s Inn

“We can’t survive on takeouts and you can’t support your employees,” the owner of Al’s Cafe told Channel 11 on Christmas Eve.

Dr. Debra Bogen, director of the health department, said every business defying orders is putting the health and safety of their employees, their families and the community at risk.

Meanwhile, Lampl said he’ll see the department in court.

“At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of constitutionality,” he said. “I believe that the law is on our side.”

Both sides will be in court on Tuesday.