Here’s how the coronavirus could affect your travel plans

Here’s how the coronavirus could affect your travel plans

PITTSBURGH — Now that it's summer, many Pittsburghers are traveling on vacation and their activities are causing a spike in COVID-19 cases in our county, according to health officials.

“If you can avoid your travel plans as much as it’s disappointing for everyone, it may be the better choice,” said Allegheny Health Network’s Dr. Brian Lamb.

That’s the advice Lamb is giving to people who have vacation plans this summer.

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“If you’re going to go, be careful. You still have to follow social guidelines, still stay away from people,” Lamb said.

Channel 11 told you yesterday the Allegheny County Health Department reported 45 new COVID-19 cases in a 24 hour span. It’s the biggest spike we’ve had since the beginning of May.

They’re attributing it to people traveling out of town and bringing the virus back, plus the county reopening to the green phase.

“We are seeing this in West Virginia. They’ve linked those cases to people who went on a beach vacations. and unfortunately, anytime there’s a lot of travel, there’s a lot of exposure and chance of bringing new cases back,” Lamb said.

Some hot spots that Pittsburghers vacation in are Florida and the Carolinas.

If you do go, Lamb suggests taking the proper precautions when you get home.

“If you are in a hot spot you should still consider staying home and staying away from other people for two weeks to make sure you aren’t developing symptoms,” Lamb said.

And if you’re worried about getting another “strain” of the virus if you’re out of state, Lamb said it’s all the same.

“All the strains are equally bad. No matter what you get, if you get COVID-19, it’s bad. There’s no safe version of this virus out there yet,' Lamb said.

In the last 24 hours we had another 19 cases and 5 hospitalizations. 

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