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Here’s how President Biden’s infrastructure plan would impact Pennsylvania

PITTSBURGH — The Biden White House is amplifying the push for its $2.3 trillion infrastructure package with the release of state-by-state breakdowns that show the dire shape of roads, bridges, the power grid and housing affordability.

One of the states to receive a negative “report card” was Pennsylvania. According to the report, Pa. received a C-minus.

The figures in the state summaries paint a decidedly bleak outlook for the world’s largest economy after years of repairs being deferred and delayed. They suggest that too much infrastructure is unsafe for vehicles at any speed, while highlighting the costs of extreme weather events that have become more frequent with climate change as well as dead spots for broadband and a dearth of child care options.

According to the White House, Pennsylvania’s schools are short $1.4 billion for maintenance and upgrades. Biden’s plan would “modernize” schools and early learning facilities and build new ones in neighborhoods across the state.

The plan also addresses the 3,353 bridges statewide, pledging to devote millions of dollars to repair roads and bridges. It calls for $115 billion for these transformations across the US.

Another major issue in Pennsylvania, according to Biden, is broadband infrastructure. The White House said 5% of Pa. residents live in areas that provide “minimally acceptable (internet) speeds.” The American Jobs Plan wants to invest $100 billion to bring universal, high-speed coverage to every family nationwide.

Other areas Biden’s plan would address in Pennsylvania include public transportation, drinking water, housing, manufacturing, home energy, clean energy jobs and veterans healthcare.

To view the full report from the White House on Pennsylvania, CLICK HERE.

NOTE: Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.