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Highmark officials say company processing thousands of at-home COVID-19 test receipts

PITTSBURGH — Highmark will be providing at-home COVID tests to customers starting today.

Prior to the announcement, people with Highmark insurance could buy at-home COVID tests and then submit a receipt to be reimbursed.

Bob Wanovich, Highmark’s vice president of provider strategy said after the Biden administration released a mandate requiring insurance companies to cover at-home COVID tests two weeks ago, around 1,000 Highmark customers submitted receipts for at-home tests.

Wanovich says the company is still processing those requests.

“There was an encouragement in that mandate for insurers to find ways to provide tests without having to have members spend money up front and submit claims for reimbursement,” Wanovich said.

The new process, which begins today, allows anyone with Highmark insurance to go to an in-network pharmacy, find an at-home test, t”ke that test to the pharmacy counter to check out, provide their insurance card and ask the pharmacist to process the test under ‘prescription drug benefits’.”

Highmark members can also use the mail-order pharmacy, ExpressScripts, to order the tests free of charge.

Wanovich says because this is a new process that was rolled out very quickly, he asks everyone to be patient while the company works out the kinks.

“This is new for pharmacies and for their staff who we know are already overworked,” Wanovich said. “Now they’re stepping up again to help with coverage of over-the-counter tests.”

Wanovich also said this does not apply to those on Medicare.

Supply chain issues could provide a shortage for the 6 million Highmark members, and people may need to check for availability at certain pharmacies first.

For those who do not have Highmark, free at-home tests can still be ordered through the government website.

Kayla Courvell

Kayla Courvell

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