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Hundreds of people will have to wait to get second COVID-19 shot because of delayed shipment to Pittsburgh pharmacy

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh pharmacists are in a state of confusion after several of them reported not receiving expected shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine this week.

Hilltop Pharmacy in Allentown just received word that their Moderna vaccine shipment won’t be getting to them until Monday, which means the second-dose clinic that they had scheduled for this weekend will be postponed.

The delay affects 1,200 people who will now be late in getting their second dose. They’ll be pushed to next weekend, on top of the already planned clinic.

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“No one is happy. They’re sad, they’re waiting to put parents into long term care facilities. People need these to have surgeries, patients who are in pain and putting off pain shots because the vaccine can interact,” said pharmacist Dr. Alex Lavella. “I’m losing sleep over this. This is something I really want to do for my community and my people.”

The pharmacy will need approximately 3,000 vaccines by the end of next week to get everyone their second shot.

“We are just going to work double time and maintain all three clinics at once,” Lavella said.

Jaime Snyder was scheduled to receive her vaccine that weekend and is worried it won’t work out.

“Until that shot’s in your arm, you can’t guarantee that you have a spot anywhere, and I don’t think it’s fair for state residents have to worry about if they can get the first or second dose,” she said.

Channel 11 contacted the state and a spokesperson said there is limited supply because vaccine providers requested a total of 705,000 vaccines, but the state only received 166,000.

“The disconnect is real. You can look in my freezer, it’s empty!” Lavella said. “We have to come up with a plan. The plan we have now is putting a Band-Aid on a gushing wound.”