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The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh holds rally to bring awareness to increase in ‘antisemitic attacks’

PITTSBURGH — The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is holding a rally to draw attention to the alarming increase in ‘antisemitic attacks.’

The director of community security for the Jewish federation of greater Pittsburgh tells us the rise in incidents is happening not just worldwide but also in our area.

Leaders in the city, including those in the faith community, politicians and neighbors, are coming together to condemn recent attacks.

The Jewish federation says the statistics are jaw-dropping.

In the last two weeks -- there has been a 400% increase in anti-semitic attacks worldwide. The Jewish federation says as a community that lived through such tragedy, it’s important to take a stand against hate.

“Given the history here in PGH with antisemitism and the attack on the tree of life building ... we here in PGH are very in tune with antisemitism and pay a close eye to it whether it’s locally or regionally,” explained Shawn Brokos with the Jewish Federation.

The Jewish federation says they’ve actually had to increase security for their own safety at this rally, given the tension around the world.

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