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Jurors who found man not guilty of killing police officer speak out

One juror Channel 11 talked to said it was a very tough case.

They felt horrible for Officer Lloyd Reed and his family, but said the jury made the right decision based on the law.

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The juror didn't want to talk to us on camera but provided some insight into what led to the jury's decision.

Six men and six women acquitted Ray Shetler Jr. late Friday night after deliberating for 20 hours.

The juror told channel 11 the jury was deadlocked 9-3 the first day, and had trouble working through that. Nine jurors thought Shetler was not guilty, and three thought he was guilty.

They said the case ultimately came down to how Shetler had the gun positioned, slung over his shoulder, and the 25-foot distance between officer Reed and Shetler when shots were fired.


That distance and the motion Shetler made, which appeared to show him surrendering, made the jury think that the use of deadly force by Reed was not necessary or justified.

The jury said the whole case boiled down to the mindsets of all people involved.

The jury thought Shetler’s mindset, when he threw a hat at his girlfriend, was that it wasn't a big deal, but that he was just gathering his things and trying to get out of the house.

They considered the mindset of Kristin Luther: upset, calling 911 and trying to get Shetler out of the house.

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And they considered the mindset of Reed, being called to a domestic dispute and hearing the dispatch of an assault and house fire. The jury thought he may have been more nervous than he needed to be.

The juror said the best thing the defense could've done was put Shetler on stand.

If the jury hadn't heard what Shetler had to say, the juror said Shetler likely would have been convicted and possibly sentenced to death.

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