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Legionella detected in water systems at two Kane centers

PITTSBURGH — Low levels of Legionella bacteria have been detected in the water systems at two Kane facilities, according to Allegheny County officials.

Patients, visitors and staff in one unit at Kane McKeesport and one unit at Kane Glen Hazel will begin using bottled water immediately, a news release said. The use of ice machines is prohibited. Patients in those units are restricted from using showers. They will instead use showers in other units.

Dennis Biondo, executive director of the Kane Regional Centers said all four Kane centers were equipped with copper-silver ionization water treatment systems, following positive Legionella tests last year. Several centers also had their water systems flushed and filters installed in ice machines


Additional water testing was ordered, and the low levels of Legionella were found during those tests.

Officials said no one affiliated with the centers is experiencing symptoms of Legionnaire’s disease.