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Local bar holding ‘Drink Us Dry’ party before closing Tuesday when on-site alcohol consumption ban starts in Allegheny Co.

WEST VIEW, Pa. — Happy hour for some started a lot earlier on Monday at an Allegheny County bar.

That’s because the bar is trying to sell all of its alcohol before the ban goes into effect Tuesday afternoon.

Manager Erin Stebler said she’s upset because they’ve been following all of the safety guidelines.

“I feel like we are being punished because other people can’t follow the rules as well so it’s very unfair and a lot of us are losing our jobs,” Stebler said.

The bar made the difficult decision to indefinitely close on Tuesday even though they are still allowed to sell to-go alcohol and food.

“We do put out a lot of food but alcohol sales is the number one. We’re a bar. A small bar,” Stebler said.

Stebler said she disagrees with the county’s decision for businesses to stop selling alcohol for on-site consumption.

“I’m not gonna lie, I cried, I was angry,” Stebler said.

Some customers said they were angry too. Many stopped on Monday to have a drink and show their support.

From 11 a.m. Monday until 2 a.m. Tuesday, Highland Bar is having a “Drink Us Dry” party before shutting down once again.

“Because the first time around a lot of beer a lot of cost just went down the drain because it sitting on the shelves. We don’t want to do that again and don’t want to waste it,” Stebler said.

The Highland Bar plans to temporarily close Tuesday at 5 p.m. right when the ban goes into effect.