Local barber bringing haircuts to clients during COVID-19 pandemic

PITTSBURGH — A local barber who expanded his business to a mobile unit before the COVID-19 pandemic is still servicing his community despite the circumstances.

“I’m fighting for my life with two strikes,” said Earl Baldwin. “If I can’t put food on my table I’m in trouble.”

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Baldwin said he is cutting hair by appointment only and doing it as safely as possible.

Baldwin, who owns Hallelujah Anybow Kutting Korners, wakes up at 6 a.m. every day and spends $300 in gas each week, all to keep his clients happy and safe.

After spending time in prison, Baldwin made a living cutting hair and used it as a way to encourage young men to stay off the streets.

“It’s a gift that I have and to be able to make them feel good. It’s important to me,” Baldwin said. “I’m in compliance not only with Pa. state barber law, but I’m also in compliance with Gov. Wolf. Keeping folks from congregating under 10. You must wear a mask.”

Baldwin travels to his clients all over the city of Pittsburgh and in other counties. Only one client is allowed in at a time.

He also disinfects before, during and after haircuts.