• Local barber charged with selling crack out of shop


    SWISSVALE, Pa. - Police arrested a Swissvale barber Thursday for allegedly selling crack out of the shop where he worked.

    Police said people around the Cut N Play believed narcotics were being sold inside by Brian Smith. Complaints started cropping up more than a year ago, police said.

    An undercover police officer spoke to Channel 11 about why this is such a major concern.

    "I’ve received dozens of complaints regarding the activity going on there," the undercover officer said. "The nature of the illicit business going on there"

    The shop owner told Channel 11 he doesn't allow drugs inside his business, and he runs a program to help keep kids off the street.

    He also said Smith is a registered student barber who was part of an apprenticeship program.

    Police said Smith would go outside the shop to sell crack between giving haircuts.

    "I would say it's unusual and alarming considering the nature of the place, the fact that there's kids in and out, and all manner of business going on there," the undercover police officer said. "It's a busy area in town."



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