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A local man developed a rare case of blood clots and died after getting the Moderna vaccine

PITTSBURGH — A local man developed a rare blood clot and died after getting the Moderna vaccine

A local man died after developing a rare blood clot shortly after receiving the Moderna vaccine for COVID-19. It was a case that doctors at Allegheny Health Network were presented with back in April.

“We believe and the data does support that the benefits of the vaccine far outweighs any of the potential complication,” explained Allegheny Health Network doctor, Robert Kaplan.

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A 65-year-old man walked into a west Pennsylvania hospital days after he received the second shot of the Moderna vaccine.

Doctors say the man had a history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

But it was shortness of breath that made him see a doctor.

“He started to develop symptoms including headaches. He had some discomfort in his legs and he developed shortness of breath and that really brought him into the hospital,” explained Doctor Swathi Sangli.

Doctors found a large blood clot in the man’s lungs and did all they could to treat him.

Sadly, he passed away.

Doctors reported the case to the CDC.

This marks the first reported case in the nation of a rare blood clotting diagnosis in a patient who received the Moderna vaccine.

“Until now, we thought the Johnson and Johnson vaccines were associated with this side effect. Now, it challenges that hypothesis but it doesn’t establish a higher risk,” explained Dr. Sangli.

“This is one case out of more than 200 million and so the number is so low that we as well as the CDC do not believe that this is a real risk,” Dr. Kaplan said.