Local man given 6 months to live gets liver donation from stranger

Doctors gave Alvin Jaworski just six months to live. That was eight months ago.

But this week, he got the new liver he so desperately needed from a 22-year-old stranger.

“It’s just kind of amazing that you know everything all just lined up correctly and ended up being the right match,” donor Dontae Boggio said.

Boggio said he thought about donating in the past but eventually backed out.

“I kind of told myself if the chance ever came up again that I would do it,” Boggio said.

Then he heard about Jaworski through social media. He signed up and got the all-clear.

Both got their surgery this week and are now recovering. Jaworski’s wife said she’s grateful for another chance with her husband.

“He was sitting up in bed and he was smiling, and he said, ‘Hello, I love you,’ and I was just like, ‘Oh, thank you, God. This is just such a miracle for us,’” said Kathleen Jaworski, Alvin Jaworski’s wife.

Doctors said Alvin Jaworkski was in a tough spot. He was not sick enough to be at the top of the transplant list, but if he got too sick, he would no longer qualify for a transplant. His only option was to spread the word, and it was thanks to that, they found their donor.

Now Alvin Jaworski said he’s so grateful to add a new member to his family.

“He’ll be my little brother forever,” Alvin Jaworski said. “I’m just so so happy that Dontae came into my life.”