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Local police officer and his wife are confined to a Cancun resort after testing positive for Covid

PITTSBURGH — As mitigation efforts wind down, many people have been wanting to get out of town. One man did just that and now he and his wife are stuck in Mexico.

“We’re being held hostage down here,” Doug Edgell said. “When they took us down this hall and put us in our room, there is a guard outside the door.”

Edgell and his wife are from Beaver County. They were set to leave the “Secrets The Vine” resort in Cancun earlier this week, but they’re not being allowed after testing positive for COVID-19.

“When they did our COVID-19 tests, the one female nurse looked at the male nurse and you could tell something was up. They scattered and got us back to our room and made us pack everything,” he said.

According to the resort’s website, “people who have been fully vaccinated are still required to have a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours before returning to the U.S.” Edgell claimed they weren’t told about the policy and have no idea where they would have contracted the virus.

“Last Father’s Day, I had a massive heart attack and I just went the beginning of this month and had another heart issue and I have two more blockages that need taken care of. And this is not helping and not having my heart medicine is not helping,” Edgell said.

He said his medication is running out. He said he alerted the resort’s medical staff, but he hasn’t gotten any refill yet.

Edgell said he won’t be leaving the states for any other vacations.

“I will never go overseas again. This did it for me. All vacations will be done in the United States,” he said.

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