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Local pool companies working to keep up with increased demand

Putting in a swimming pool is now the next best thing to a family vacation, and local pool companies are getting slammed with customers.

“Definitely a higher demand than we’ve ever experienced before,” said Ronald Perkins, general manager of Seven Seas Pools and Spas.

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In fact, the No. 1 retail search on Google right now is swimming pools.

“And with the weather changing, this time of year is crazy,” Perkins said.

Perkins said the demand is insane across the industry, even with hot tubs and spas.

At his store in Cranberry Township, every single one on display was sold out.

“It just seems the 'staycation' at home is going to be the thing for this summer,” said Mike Papik, general manager of Alpine Pools.

On top of handling new inquiries, Alpine Pools is also catching up on the workload pushed back from the two-month shutdown.

“Our inquiries for in-ground, above ground at all our alpine locations, I mean the percentages are up 200% to 300% right now,” Papik said.

Over at Pool City, employees said their phones have been ringing off the hook as well.

Each company is doing their best and working fast to handle the increasing demand.

Right now, they are almost fully booked, if not already booked, to install pools this summer.

The uncertainty surrounding the pandemic has a lot of families planning ahead.

Many families are already booking to have a swimming pool put in their backyard next summer.