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Local restaurant chain using air filtration system to keep customers safe

McCANDLESS, Pa. — A local restaurant chain is one of two in the country that’s using an air filtration system that’s used in hospitals across the globe.

North Park Lounge just installed CASPR, which is a state-of-the-art air purifying system.

Owner Mark Baranowski said the system not only cleans the air but also tables, walls and every other surface inside the restaurant.

“It’s going to eliminate over 99% of all the bacteria mold viruses within this building,” he said.

Baranowski wants to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 inside his restaurants and give customers and employees peace of mind when indoor dining reopens.

The system costs about $10,000, but Baranowski said it’s worth it.

“I’m in the process installing this in our house, so I figured if CASPR is good enough for hospitals and health care facilities, it’s good enough for my home and all the North Park Lounge restaurants,” he said.

For people who aren’t comfortable yet with indoor seating, North Park Lounge locations will also have outdoor seating.