Local restaurant passing along price hike to customers due to meat shortage

Local restaurant passing along price hike to customers due to meat shortage

BRENTWOOD, Pa. — One local restaurant is passing along a price hike to their customers due to the meat shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and customers said they don't mind and completely understand.

Rowdy BBQ has been in business along Route 51 in Brentwood for 16 years, and customers told Channel 11 the great food keeps them coming back.

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But now at the walk-up window, they are greeted with a sign warning them of a temporary price increase of about 50% on all pork and beef.

“Meat’s doubled in price, so we could have doubled our prices or taken the items off the menu. So, we sort of went in the middle and kept everything on the menu,” said owner Steven Klingslend.

Klingslend said they’ve been very transparent about letting customers know in advance of the price change.

But despite the mark up, he told Channel 11 business has continued to increase. The customers we spoke to understand small businesses are hurting at this time and want to be supportive.

The owner just hopes the meat shortage is not long-term.

Klingslend told Channel 11 there are other options on the menu that he still kept the same price, such as chicken sandwiches.

He said the price increase for pork, brisket and burgers are temporary – but it’s unclear for how long.

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