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Local woman nearly falls for massive counterfeit check scheme offering quick cash

WEXFORD, Pa. — A woman nearly fell for a counterfeit check scheme that has targeted people across the country.

Benita Mitchell told Channel 11 she received a text message from a stranger offering quick cash for putting an advertisement on her car. Soon after, she got a hefty check in the mail with her name and address on it – for nearly $3,000.

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Mitchell knew something wasn’t right, so she started digging.

“First I checked the check out. Then I checked the name and I googled it and came up with a phone number,” she said.

According to Mitchell, the man she spoke with owned a business in Kansas. He told her the check was counterfeit.

Someone had gotten ahold of his company’s bank account information, made fake checks and was trying to get Mitchell and countless others to cash in and split the profits.

That man told Mitchell if she cashed the phony check, she would be pursued by the FBI.

Police said the counterfeiters troll in-person and online for unsuspecting victims who may be willing to cash the bogus checks and share the cash.

Channel 11 spoke with the Kansas business owner. He said he has had 70 phone calls from people all over the country, including Mitchell checking to see if the checks they received were legit.

If you receive any of these checks, you are asked to contact the Office of the Postal Inspector.