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Long-term COVID-19 side effects could go away after first vaccine, doctors say

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — For those who experience long-term symptoms of COVID-19, there may be hope that some of those symptoms could just vanish once you get the vaccine.

Dr. Brian Lamb, an internal medicine doctor with Allegheny Health Network, said he’s seen a number of “long-haulers” -- or people who have long-term side effects from the virus.

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But once they get injected with the first dose of the vaccine, Lamb told Channel 11 some of their symptoms just go away.

“We are seeing the people who have the low level, almost still infected, the ones who don’t feel right and have the brain fog, fatigue... those are the ones we are seeing getting better with the shot,” said Lamb.

He said the reason is the coronavirus vaccine provides a huge boost of immunity to your body.

“You’re having all this immune response that is ramping itself up, and it’s helping to protect you from anything that may still be there, and any re-exposure... it’s like a can of spinach from Popeye,” Lamb said.

However, the long-haulers with complications like pulmonary issues or inflammation might not be as lucky.

Lamb said those patients have not had much improvement even after getting the vaccine.

But no matter where you fall in the aftermath of COVID-19, Lamb said it is imperative to get the vaccine.