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Man accused of stealing woman’s underwear appears in Butler County court

EVANS CITY, Pa. — A man accused of stealing a woman’s underwear from inside her home was in the court for the first time Tuesday.

Only Channel 11 News was there as Frederick Delmonte walked out of the Evans City courthouse after his preliminary hearing Tuesday. We questioned him about his allegations but got no response.

Adams Township Police said they found 63 pairs of women’s underwear inside Delmonte’s home after they arrested him for a burglary in a Mars neighborhood last month.

One alleged victim lives along Adams Pointe Boulevard in Adams Ridge where Brianne Dreyer also lives.

“It’s actually insane to me it happened right on my street,” said Dreyer.

The alleged victim testified she was at a neighborhood picnic on Labor Day when her teenage son called her after seeing a man in their home. It was all caught on camera, a camera she put in her apartment after she noticed some of her underwear missing almost two years ago.

She reported the incident to Adams Pointe security who reviewed the footage. According to the criminal complaint, the security officer claimed he recognized the man in the video as Frederick Delmonte.

The woman then contacted Adams Township police who conducted a search on Delmonte’s home.

Police said they found 63 pairs of women’s underwear in a box all individually wrapped in plastic bags.

“To me it sounds like he went through 63 houses to get those underwear and that’s just terrifying,” said Dreyer.

Police said they were able to get Delmonte while he was walking home. He was wearing the same clothes in the video and also carrying an empty plastic bag.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said Dreyer. “We moved to one of the safest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh and this man is just terrorizing our households. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.”

In court, Delmonte pled not guilty. His attorney, Phil DiLucente declined to comment.

Delmonte’s formal arraignment is set for Dec. 21st.

Right now, police are still working to identify where all the underwear came from.

Police are asking anyone in Adams Pointe or Adams Ridge neighborhood who is missing women’s underwear from their home to contact the police department.