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Man acquitted in officer’s death in custody after fight with deputies, troopers in Westmoreland Co.

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Ray Shetler, the man acquitted in the 2015 killing of St. Clair Township police officer Lloyd Reed, was taken into police custody Tuesday after getting into a fight with Westmoreland County sheriff’s deputies and state troopers.

Shetler, 37, was taken into custody before midnight at a mobile home near Seward, Sheriff James Albert said.

“We believe he was on methamphetamine and he put up a struggle. One of my deputies was injured as they took him into custody when he refused to surrender and Shetler was also injured.”

The deputy suffered multiple injuries and is expected to recover. Shetler also suffered multiple injuries and broken bones in his face, including a fractured eye socket.

Both the deputy and Shetler were taken to a hospital for treatment. Shetler will be taken to another hospital for surgery.

State police had been on the hunt for Shetler since Friday. An arrest warrant was issued for Shetler after he failed to show up for a court hearing and hadn’t been heard from since August.

“Mr. Shetler has failed testing when it comes to probation and parole he’s facing and failed to comply with requests from the officers who oversee his release from prison,” said Trooper Steve Limani.

Shetler was sentenced to time served and five years’ probation after being convicted of theft and receiving stolen property in the 2015 case in which he shot and killed Officer Reed. He contended he did not know Reed was a police officer when gunfire was exchanged.

Earlier this week, Channel 11 spoke with Shetler’s attorney, Marc Daffner, who said he hadn’t heard from Shelter in almost two years and will be withdrawing as his counsel.