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Man pulls gun on two women during road rage incident near Rivers Casino, police say

PITTSBURGH — Police are investigating after a road rage incident ended with a man pulling a gun on two women near Rivers Casino.

Police said the incident happened around 2 a.m. Wednesday, starting in Pittsburgh's Manchester neighborhood and ending outside the casino.

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Jamal Dailey, 24, told investigators the two women sideswiped his SUV in Manchester, so he followed them for about a mile to get their information. He claimed he pulled his gun for protection when they jumped out of the car.

However, officers who were patrolling the area – and surveillance video – show he walked up to their vehicle with gun in hand.


Dailey was seen approaching the women at a traffic light armed with a pistol, but he was quickly surrounded by police.

Officers found a pistol and bullets inside Dailey's car, and there was a live round next to the SUV he was chasing.

Though Dailey is licensed to carry that gun, police said his actions were "reckless." He is facing multiple charges, including simple assault.