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Mayor Peduto throws support behind push to legalize recreational marijuana in Pa.

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is throwing his support behind the push to legalize recreational marijuana in Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week, Gov. Tom Wolf called on state lawmakers to legalize the drug for all purposes. He wants the state to funnel the tax revenue to small businesses and restorative justice programs.

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Last night, Peduto told Channel 11 he is all for that plan.

“Cannabis is out there, and anybody that wants to can get it, and the money is going into pockets of people who don’t pay taxes,” Peduto said. “And if we start to tax it and use that, I think we can make some great changes in the state.”

According to the Associated Press, some of the tax revenue from the marijuana would to a program to help with “the harm done to crime victims and communities as a result of marijuana criminalization.” About half of the proposed marijuana tax would go to help historically disadvantage businesses.

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Wolf tweeted his support, laying out how he would like the tax revenue to be allocated.

With more states moving toward legalization in some capacity, Lt. Gov. John Fetterman said Pa. needs to cash in so that money isn’t going to neighboring states.