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Medical marijuana dispensary could open in Squirrel Hill

Residents of Squirrel Hill are expected to know by mid-summer if a medical marijuana dispensary will open in their neighborhood.

At a zoning hearing Thursday, proponents from both sides were able to voice their opinions, but few people showed up.

"There's one person opposing this and it's me and that's because they haven't gotten proper notice,” said Adam Rosenburg of Squirrel Hill.



Zoning Board Chair Alice Mitinger opened the hearing, and Rosenburg was the only person there who was in opposition.

"It's my belief the dispensary went out of their way to not properly notify people.” Rosenburg said.

Keystone Relief Centers proposed the dispensary on Forward Avenue at the entrance to Squirrel Hill. Because medical marijuana is so new to Pennsylvania, the site must have a special use exception zoning permit before it can proceed.

The plan for the Squirrel Hill site is to have it serve as the primary dispensary with two satellite locations in Butler and Washington counties. Rosenburg said that plan shouldn’t be in the cards for his neighborhood.

"I don't have a problem with medical marijuana use. I have a problem with medical marijuana use in my neighborhood. There's an elementary school less than 1,000 feet away and there's a bus stop 400 feet up the road,” he said.

Keystone plans to rehabilitate the building and add trees and a walkway to improve the gateway to the community.

The board is scheduled to make its final decision within 45 days.

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