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Mom charged after allegedly overdosing with child nearby

MIDLAND, Pa. — A Beaver County mother is now charged with endangering the welfare of a child after police say she overdosed with her 4-year-old in a room nearby.

Police were called to Dezahrae Bostick's Midland Borough home earlier this month.

Bostick, 27, was found slumped over, unconscious, in an upstairs room.

The woman who called 911 told Channel 11 Bostick had come over that day, saying she was hot, so she sat in the car. The woman also said Bostick didn't get the drugs from her.


But according to police, they found prescription drugs, pot and crack cocaine in the room that Bostick was in.

According to the criminal complaint, police and Children's Youth Services watched the 4-year-old "effortlessly open a childproof pill bottle with no instruction."

In the room Bostick was in, police said she was within arm's reach of a nightstand with numerous pill bottles containing clearly visible drugs.

Bostick is charged with felony endangering the welfare of a child.

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