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Mom claims stranger followed teen daughter from Pittsburgh bus, tried to solicit her for sex

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh mother claims a stranger followed her teen daughter from the bus to her school and tried to solicit her for sex.

According to the girl’s mother, the man got off at her daughter’s stop as she walked to CAPA.

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During their brief encounter, she claims he sat next to her, touched her leg and showed her money – referring to an offer for sexual acts.

Channel 11′s Michelle Chavez spoke with that teen, who agreed to speak with us anonymously. She said she was shocked by the experience.

“He asked if I had ever had sex before, and again I told him I was 15,” the girl said. “He had his wallet in between his legs kind of, and he was going through it. And he’s like, ‘Well, age is just a number ... just like money.’ And then I said, ‘Well, so is 911.’"

When she eventually got off the bus, the girl told Channel 11 he followed her off. He backed off before she made it to her school, but hours later her parents got a call that caught them off-guard.

“What do you do as a parent when someone tells you that your child might have escaped from being human trafficked today?” the girl’s mother said.

District officials said staff quickly followed protocol and reported the incident to school, city and Port Authority police.