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More charging stations coming to downtown Pittsburgh amid push for electric vehicles

PITTSBURGH — Electric vehicles are becoming more popular in the Pittsburgh area.

The area covered by Duquesne Light, a proponent of getting more electric vehicles on the road, has seen a 35 percent increase in the last year.

The company is in favor of electric vehicles to help lower fuel costs, release fewer greenhouse gases and better utilize the electric grid.

Duquesne Light officials said there are about 200 charging stations in its coverage area to help make people feel more confident in driving electric cars, knowing there will be somewhere to stop if needed.

The average commute is under 40 miles, and most electric vehicles can drive 80 miles per charge, according to Duquesne Light.

When it comes to downtown Pittsburgh, Duquesne Light is working with the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to add charging stations for electric vehicles.

The Parking Authority’s garage on Third Avenue is getting four charging stations, and four more will be installed in the Smithfield-Liberty Garage.

Over the next five to 10 years, the Parking Authority hopes to have charging stations at all of its garages.


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