Mother: My son could’ve been saved if he’d gotten help faster after deadly crash

Mother: My son could’ve been saved if he’d gotten help faster after deadly crash

BELLEVUE, Pa. — A local woman claims doctors told her that her son could have been saved had first responders acted faster.

Minutes went by before Tyrone Jackson, 19, was pulled from the wreckage after a police chase ended with a crash in Bellevue, according to witnesses.

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His mother told Channel 11 she’s demanding answers.

“There was no threat so why couldn’t they get help?” Doris McCormick said. “They just denied him help and it’s not right. Who are you to say they are not allowed to get help?”

She contacted Channel 11 because it’s been 10 days since her son, who wasn’t the driver but a passenger, was killed in a violent crash on Shade Avenue in Bellevue.

The crash happened after the 19-year-old driver sped away from police.

Avalon police have yet to release details of their involvement, and no arrest has been made, but Allegheny County police said the car was initially pulled over during a traffic stop at Homes and California avenues and fled at a high rate of speed. Nothing further has been released since the initial crash.

Even though medics were on scene within minutes, McCormick claims police would not let them treat her son. She says emergency room doctors told her that her son might have survived if he had received life-saving treatment faster.

Massive police presence after crash in Bellevue

“If he had got there sooner, they might have reduced the swelling on his head,” she said.

The crash happened in Bellevue, but the initial police stop happened just a few blocks away in Avalon. Channel 11 was told the Avalon police chief was not available and referred all questions to Allegheny County Police.

Investigators emailed their original information on the crash and added, “Investigators are in consultation with the District Attorney’s Office to determine charges on the driver of the vehicle.”

Jackson’s family told Channel 11 this isn’t over for them and they are going to continue to fight for answers and accountability.