NAACP raises concerns about confederate flag displayed during a local celebration

CHARLEROI, Pa. — Concerns over a confederate flag brought the leader of the NAACP Mon Valley chapter to Tuesday’s Charleroi council meeting.

The flag was visible on stage as a band performed inside the municipal building last month during Charleroi’s virtual Community Days celebration.

David Hunter, Mon Valley NAACP president, said he received screenshots which showed the flag wrapped around a microphone stand.

“That flag is a symbol of the confederacy, slavery, discrimination and all the rest that you already know,” Hunter said.

Charleroi council president Mark Alterici apologized, saying there was so much going on that he didn’t notice the flag right away.

According to Alterici, the leader of the band told him they performed with the flag because they are Southern rock fans.

He says the band has decided to use an American flag moving forward.

The group has also removed video and photos of the performance from their social media pages.

“Often times, when it’s something that doesn’t affect you, you don’t give it much thought, and I think from the response there wasn’t a lot of thought about it at the time,” said Hunter.