• Nearly $100K missing from Washington County Clerk of Courts office


    Nearly $100,000 is missing from the Washington County Clerk of Courts office.

    An audit showed the office took in more than $4.2 million in 2018 and showed that $96,000 of that was accepted but never deposited.

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    Channel 11’s Cara Sapida has confirmed the county has opened a criminal investigation into this theft.

    Sapida talked to all three county commissioners, who say this is a sad day for Washington County.

    The clerk of courts is an elected official, currently Frank Scandale.

    Scandale was not in the office Wednesday but did respond to Channel 11's request for a comment, saying: 

    "I try to run the office like an efficient business and sometimes best practices must be revised and revisited; however, I categorically deny that any wrong doing was committed in this matter.

     I welcome any investigation that may take place and I intend to fully cooperate." 



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