• New evidence released in case of Butler Co. woman accused in Florida woman's disappearance

    By: Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The latest evidence in the Kimberly Kessler case includes a self-checkout video of Kessler buying cleaning supplies and a knife from a store.

    Kessler is the sole suspect in the killing of Nassau County mom Joleen Cummings, who was last seen Mother's Day weekend in 2018.

    The evidence released Thursday was obtained by WPXI's sister station in Florida, Action News Jax. Photos and video including one folder titled "luminol," which is used by investigators to find trace amounts of blood. 


    Large stains inside the Tangles hair salon, where Kessler and Cummings work, including on the wall, floor, base of a salon chair can be seen in photos. Detectives also focused on a mop. 

    A recent document dump reveal what was inside of Kessler’s Kia Soul the night she was arrested.

    Police say, they found more than $1,600 in cash, a Bible, black gorilla tape, eight journals and religious booklets.

    There was also a passport under the alias "Jennifer Sybert." Investigators say Kessler previously used 18 different names.

    There is also new video of Kessler appearing to buy an electric knife, trash bags, gloves and ammonia at a Walmart. 

    Investigators took photos of these items inside the store and what appears to be an electronic receipt listing those items. 

    The video is not timestamped, so it is unclear if the items were bought before or after Cummings disappeared.

    Included in the evidence are items Kessler's attorney did not want made public before trial. 

    The State Attorney’s Office says more evidence will be released Friday. 


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