North Hills School District to hold COVID-19 vaccination clinic for students

PITTSBURGH — The North Hills School District will hold a COVID-19 vaccination clinic for its current students who are age 16 or over.

The Pfizer vaccine will be used at the clinic, which will be held at North Hills High School. First doses will be given on May 11. Second doses will be given on June 1.

Parents whose students are interested in receiving the vaccine can pre-register now through 12 p.m. Friday (CLICK HERE).

At least 60 students are needed for the clinic, which is a collaboration with Giant Eagle, to take place.

A recent NBCLX poll found Gen Z is the group least likely to get vaccinated.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and state health officials are trying to figure out the best way to combat vaccine hesitancy. They have plans in the works to target colleges and universities across the state and encourage young people to get vaccinated.